Write a love letter to yourself

Embrace yourself with words of encouragement. If so, you are not alone—most of us suffer terribly from lack of self-acceptance, especially during the Valentine season when everyone is talking about love—but often not feeling much self-love at all!

I am here for you always. Put the stamp on and, when you have a chance, drop it in a mailbox. I hope you know that. Her hope now is that the messages of her books will be an inspiration for others, young and old.

Truly, wholly, completely — love yourself. And so a few months after my divorce, I started looking. If you had asked me what I hate about myself the list would have been longer and the turnaround time would have been quicker.

I would look at my nose and hate it, then I forced to look at my eyes, and love the depth in them. It is time for the epic declaration — love. Loving yourself means understanding self-love is not selfish Self-love is… a starved soul, discovering and living heart-warming moments of peace, unconditional love and joy.

But that's all in the past now. So, whatever you hate about yourself, start to look at those as part of humanity. You get so used to the ordinary routine of self-sacrifice and self-doubt, putting the rest of the world before you, giving away your power to others, what they think of you and your actions that you forget to look at your own perspective and the right to choose.

Let go of all the expectations you have created in your head. It is that simple. If you write in the format of a letter, it will give you a known framework for the task, and though it may feel strange at first, just keep going. She's a little taller than me, wears her head held higher.

This is a freewriting exercise, so let whatever comes to mind make its way onto the page. Self-love is seldom talked about and hardly ever practised, you get so busy bowing down and slaving away your breaths to notice that you are here to live, not survive.

Author EricaTucci Posted on. You are truly innocent until proven guilty in her eyes. When I need some me time, I turn to ice cream! Because I did it again; because I thought I knew better. Welcome yourself with a treasured memory.

Writing a love letter to yourself!

The man who would complete me, heal me. Finally, ask yourself what you love about you, as if you were writing a love letter to someone else, but in this case the subject is you. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Be the wonder you were meant to become.How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself 1. Don't type. Take your time and handwrite slowly, using elegant script or the messy scrawl of your youth, whatever you like best. (I prefer cursive for love letters, the shape of the letters twirling reminds me of being invited to dance.) 2.

Give yourself a salutation that makes you smile.

A Self-Love Letter To Myself

May 06,  · So I sat down and wrote myself a letter. It didn't start out that way. I had intended to do some release work and write a letter to my ex. I love you.

Love, Erinn. Is there anything you want to tell yourself? Anything your current self or a younger self or even a future self wants to hear from you? Go ahead and tell yourself exactly what you want to hear.

Tell yourself the Truth. Be your own best friend. Text. Thank your inner Witness Self for understanding you so well, refold the letter and put it back in its envelope, and keep it where you can reread it and take its message of. How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself 1. Don't type. Take your time and handwrite slowly, using elegant script or the messy scrawl of your youth, whatever you like best.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Everything will make sense to you one day. All the pain, hurt, and frustration will become worth it. Remember, everything happens for a particular reason. You are in the exact place you are meant to be right now.

So breathe, be patient, and trust the course of your life.

Write a love letter to yourself
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