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This can be delivered in either a micro-teaching or real work situation and must be observed and assessed by a member of the PTLLS programme team. Essay on federalism in nepal map Essay on federalism in nepal map responsibility word essay essay review employee retention policy standard 4 english essay writing grafologia firma analysis essay lengthen essay periods while pregnant imdg placards responsibility essay harry potter essays religijos mokslai essay cendep dissertations gratuites, invention of the light bulb essay writer.

I recommend using a mixture of teaching and learning approaches to help learning take place. The report reviewed the literature on learning preferences and examined in detail 13 of the most influential models.

They like lots of activities to keep them busy and enjoy a hands-on approach. Centres should provide guidance on the learning plan and record, and ensure that these are maintained by candidates. Centres should also be aware that: Dominance and assertiveness is about effective leadership, having a clear path to learning goals and good behaviour, pursued with vigour and enthusiasm.

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For me, the first question is really important. They like things that have been tried and tested and prefer reassurance that something will work. Handouts — I could have handed it to learner, which would have been used as a reflective tool, to help them remember information delivered during the teaching session so that a positive attitude is developed towards the use of resources, and all learners could appreciate and benefit from it.

Walk around the classroom, stand by a pupil that may be about to misbehave. For example if the assessment is a presentation, include mini-presentations within module teaching. You Tube Video clip — I played an online you tube video clip, which was displayed on the interactive smart board that demonstrated how the mathematical questions are solved.

The cycle needs to be broken.

Microteach for PTLLS - any good ideas?

Set expectations about what support students can expect from you and provide appropriate timelines for getting back to them. Teaching and Learning Styles: This qualification is appropriate for those in an Associate Teacher Role or who are involved in work based learning training, assessment and support.

If you have to work in this layout think about the spaces at the front of the class and the aisles between the rows. The verbal commentary of the step-by-step ways of solving the questions heard from the video impacted on the learners, as they were keen to listen quietly to the voice from the computer making them to be involved, creating an inclusive teaching and learning classroom.

It is recommended that candidates keep their PTLLS assignments, observation record, recorded question and answer and any supporting evidence in a binder or folder, fronted by a completed Summative Assessment Record.

Calculator — I encouraged the learners to use the calculator in their mobile phone to work out any challenging questions to obtain the correct answer.

Microteach for PTLLS - any good ideas?

These differences need to be taken into account, along with any other aspects that might impact upon learning. It should also be pupil - or student - centred. They use their eyes, and like to seat in front of the classrooms to avoid visual obstructions e.

If the topic relates to something that you are interested in professionally or personally, your enthusiasm can shine through brilliantly during the delivery.Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) preferences Training/teaching planning skills Training/teaching styles and communication Training/teaching assessment Micro-teach Part 2 Sessions 7–10 7.

explain, summarise, understanding compare Affective discuss, justify, relate Psychomotor demonstrations, assemble, build. Evaluate the teaching and learning approaches and effectiveness of resources for your observed session.

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Evaluate how your session met the needs of individual learners. This essay should be prepared following completion of your micro-teach session, and it has two parts.

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PTLLS qualifications are designed as a first step for new staff entering the post teaching/training There is no requirement for the candidate to be undertaking practice other than a micro-teach for assessment purposes2. 1 Now the Learning and Skills Improvement Service justify.

Education(FE) assessor capacity, Supporting Learning in Practice (SLIP) course, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) The arrangement includes the opportunity for current staff in the technician’s role to access the educational.

Education and Training Award Level 3 QCF

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skills for the area in which they will teach/train if they are to progress into teaching in the further education or Level 4 PTLLS awards. City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Education and Training () 9 Observers of micro-teaching/teaching must.

Micro teach justify ptlls
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