An overview of the economy of cuba and puerto rico

The liberalized agricultural markets introduced in Octoberat which state and private farmers sell above-quota production at free market prices, broadened legal consumption alternatives and reduced black market prices.

Magoon did however command the construction of a sewage system for Havana. The Emergence of a Politically Active Student Movement in Cuba Students in higher education are generally a privileged class in most countries but especially so in Hispanic countries.

On the negative side there was a culture of corruption in government that stemmed, at least in part, from four centuries of Spanish governance in which, as in the rest of the Spanish Empire, the primary function of government was to extract as much as possible from the populace for remission back to Spain.

Cuba overview

Wood decreed that all males who were literate and owned property or served in the Cuban army could vote. Tobacco, calabashes West Indian pumpkins and cotton were grown around the houses.

Because this was to be a temporary occupation Magoon did not undertake as much public improvement as had Leonard Wood. They are subject to all Federal controls applicable to banks in the United States of America.

Zayas achieved this by putting a prison on the island. This was the first of many nationalizations made by the new government, the assets seized totaled 9 billion USD. Their main purpose was for bank transfer payments. Poverty and unemployment in rural areas triggered migration to Havana.

Nonetheless, President Grover Cleveland promised he would not go to war. Tax incentives and duty -free access to the island encourage the U. By the end of35, Cuban workers had helped build projects in some 20 Asian, African and Latin American countries.

Nearly half the rural population was illiterate as was about 25 percent of the total population.

Caribbean neighbors Cuba and Puerto Rico wonder who really won cold war

There had been African slaves brought from Spain by the conquistadors. He devoted himself to working towards such things as suffrage for Cuban women. Wild parrots were decoyed with domesticated birds, and iguanas were taken from trees and other vegetation. Once declared, the US fought the war on a number of fronts including Cuba itself.

The increase in the price of sugar on the world markets, as well as the investment of capital, made Puerto Rico into one of the principal producers of sugar internationally. It looked to many that liberal democracy was a thing of the past and some form of collectivism was the wave of the future.The Economic History and Economy of Cuba: History.

The Treaty of Paris which ended the war allowed the U.S. to take over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines as major prizes but also a few minor possessions such as the island of Guam. The Treaty of Paris allowed for the Spanish citizens in the possessions to remain if they wished and to. For all its woes Puerto Rico still has a higher per capita GDP than Cuba, according to the World Bank, and Cuba’s maze-like bureaucracy is made yet more complex by the use of two currencies.

Cuba country profile Cuba has survived more than 40 years of US sanctions intended to topple the government of Fidel Castro. It also defied predictions that it would not survive the collapse of its one-time supporter, the Soviet Union.

May 08,  · A brief overview of Cuba for our island guests “Esta es la tierra mas hermosa que ojos humanos han visto.” [This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen.] – Christopher Columbus, upon arriving in Cuba, October 28, Apr 10,  · Is Puerto Rico Part of the U.S?

Economic Crisis ; Sources ; Puerto Rico is a large Caribbean island of roughly 3, square miles located in the West Indies. Puerto Rico's economy was dominated by sugar production up until the s. Manufacturing has surpassed agriculture as the primary sector of economic activity and income; composing almost half (about 46%) of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the island.

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An overview of the economy of cuba and puerto rico
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